Our Team

Tara Blank

Tara Blank has a doctorate in biology, with an emphasis in environmental toxicology. She has worked closely with architects, sustainable design professionals, scientists, and environmental advocates on various projects. Tara currently serves as Chair of the Content Inventory Technical Sub-Group, and as an active member of the Third-Party Verification Technical Sub-Group for the Health Product Declaration Collaborative. With her exceptional attention to detail and years of experience managing large volumes of data, you can trust that Tara will work closely with your company to produce the highest quality HPDs for your building products.

Brad Blank

Brad Blank has worked with building product manufacturers for over a decade. Having made architectural specification calls for numerous building product manufacturers, Brad understands first-hand the importance of being able to offer proof of a product's sustainability claims. As Media Director for GreenCE, Inc., Brad has also created several continuing education courses, and has developed case studies on award winning LEED Platinum Net Zero buildings.

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AVITRU master guide specifications MasterSpec®, give design professionals a head start with peer-reviewed content.. The Specification Editing Software helps complete project specs quickly and accurately, while the Specification Writing Services allows your team to focus on design and program management. For larger firms, Office Master Automation and BIM Integration takes your team to a new level of productivity and effectiveness.

HPDC Member

The Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) is a customer-led organization committed to the continuous improvement of the building industry's environmental and health performance, through transparency and innovation in the building product supply chain. The Collaborative created and supports The HPD Open Standard, a format that systematizes reporting language to enable transparent disclosure of building product content and associated health information.

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Sustainable Minds cloud-based software and services help product manufacturers design and market greener products. Sustainable Minds Ecodesign and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software for greener product innovation allows manufacturers across the value chain to dynamically evaluate, compare and improve their products' environmental performance by integrating life cycle thinking and LCA into their product development and marketing processes.

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Climate Earth is a leading provider of integrated systems, data and services for managing the sustainable enterprise. Web-based applications include sustainable supply chain management, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), natural capital management, and climate change risk management. Tailored solutions combine environmental impact data with business systems to provide rich analytics in business context.

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The Intertwine Alliance is a coalition of private firms, public agencies and nonprofit organizations working together to address complex social and environmental challenges.